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    Cranford, New Jersey

    2nd Annual Relay Recess at WAS – May 19, 2017 12-1pm


    Our Relay Recess event is being held in conjunction with our town Relay for Life event.
    Last year Cranford raised almost $100,000 at the Relay!


    We hope you and your child will join us as our school takes up the fight against cancer.


    Each student will receive a luminaria bag on Monday May 15th

    Pleasedecorate your luminary bagat home. You may celebrate survivors, remember and honor those who we have lost or support those fighting the battle.


    Bags will be due back to your child’s teacher by, no later than, Friday May 19th.


    Please consider making a voluntary donation (suggestion $1-$10).All donations are welcome.

    Checks can be made to “American Cancer Society”.Cash is also accepted.

    Online donations (of $5 or more) can be made to the WAS Relay Recess Team at:


    Thank You! Your donations will help us continue to “Kiss Away Cancer”.


    On Friday May 19, 2017:


    We will create a mini track lined with the luminaria bags for Relay Recess laps at WAS.

    • Students will have chance to do laps around mini-track, by skipping, running, etc.
    • You can show your support by wearing purple which is the official color of Relay!


    The first and second graders will participate during their recess between 12 -1pm.

    (Kindergartners and pre-schoolers are invited to attend at 12:00 or 12:30.)


    After our Relay Recess event all the luminaria bags will be displayed atCranford’s annual
    Relay for Life event:


    May 19, 2017at Hillside Avenue School -125 Hillside Avenue

    Event starts at 5pm. Opening Ceremony at 7pm.


    If you are interested in volunteering for our Relay Recess please sign up at


    If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mary O’Flynn at




    Save the Planet! 



    Dear Parents:

    Spring is in the air and we’re continuing our efforts to plan and present activities organized around a central global theme of “It’s a Small World”.

    The theme for the our third trimester is SAVE THE PLANET.  Activities grouped under this theme are designed to help students consider the problems we all face as a result of increasing population and diminishing resources.  The main objective will be to raise student awareness of ecological issues.  Children will be led to understand that the earth must be shared and respected, not exploited and used for short-sighted ends.  The importance of preserving natural resources for future generations will be stressed.

     Parents can help in this effort in several ways:

    • Talk to your child about the environment and potential threats to our natural resources.
    • Reinforce the 3R’s: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.
    • Recycling works best if it’s a family effort. Set an example! Make your child feel that they are a part of your household recycling program.  If you don’t have a plan…come up with one together.  Even small children can help with recycling tasks such as stacking old newspapers or sorting plastic and aluminum containers.
    • Participate in our school wide celebration of Arbor/ Earth Day by helping your child create a fashion accessory or a piece of art work using recycled materials. Some suggestions might include:

    Fashion Accessories

    Purses:  made of discarded bubble wrap or small boxes with handles made of old rubber tubing.

    Jewelry (Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.) fashioned from old pop-tops, beads, plastic 6 pack rings, old newspapers and magazines.

    Hats and shoes constructed from old boxes or milk containers

    Vests made of paper or plastic bags

    Junk Art

    Bird feeders made from old milk containers or egg cartons

    Wind Chimes or Mobiles assembled with wire hangers, old utensils, sea shells

    Musical instruments such bongos made from oatmeal boxes or maracas made from old tin cans and dried beans.


    Use your imaginations!   Have your child bring your creations to school on or before April 28.   We will exhibit these in the halls and give all the children a chance to share their recycled fashions and art as part of our Arbor/ Earth Day Celebration on Friday, April 28.

    Together we hope to teach our children the importance of environmental responsibility.  Please feel free to speak to your child’s teacher if you have any additional suggestions about how to make this project even more meaningful.

     Thank you for your ongoing cooperation and support.



    Avaliable Space in READY Preschool Program at Walnut Ave School

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