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Welcome back to the 2014-15 school year

Welcome back to the 2014-15 school year; I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable summer. Below are a number of documents which you will find informative. The majority of school based information will be sent to you by your child’s school. I look forward to a wonderful school year.

2014-15 Informational Letter to Parents (School Calendar, School Closing and Delayed School Openings)

Emergency Procedures

HIB Yearly letter to Parents

Honeywell Instant Alert Instructions

Parents’ Open Agenda with Dr. Carrick.

The Cranford Police Department has established a “School Route Plan” for prescribing all elementary school children a recommended route to and from school.

 Cranford Police Department “School Route Plan”

The Cranford Police Department has established a “School Route Plan” for prescribing all elementary school children a recommended route to and from school. The “School Route Plan” maps include locations of existing guards and signalized intersections. We would like the school s to encourage their students to use the approved school routes and to disseminate this material to their parents. It will be the responsibility of the parents to instruct their children to follow the routes so they will benefit from the protection which is provided.

 Cranford Police Department School Route Plan


Summer Reading List and Math Packets 2014

As you prepare for your summer schedule, please take a few minutes to schedule time for math and reading activities.  Research is clear, students can experience “summer loss” that can be equivalent to three months of learning if they don’t read throughout the summer.

The purpose of these resources is to encourage students to become lifelong readers and mathematicians and to provide them fun and engaging ways to practice their reading and math skills. Elementary school children should read, or be read to, each and every day.  If this is hard with your busy schedule, please set goals for your children in grades K-2 to read (or be read to) 60 minutes a week and children in grades 3-8 should be reading at least 120 minutes per week.  Math packets have been included to provide students the opportunity to reinforce math skills and concepts.  Please click on link below:

Summer Reading List and Math Packets 2014


Supply List 2014-2015

Grade – K

Grade – 1

Grade – 2

Grade – 3

Grade – 4

Grade – 5



Cranford Schools Anti-Bullying Specialists

Brookside Place School:  Angela Glynn (908) 709-6258  glynn@cranfordschools.org  Ms. Glynn’s office is located at Orange Avenue School, 901 Orange Avenue LINK


School District and School Grades required by the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act can be found here.

Letter from Dr. Carrick – LINK


Information about the Common Core

or click link below:


Where children and knowledge grow

The Brookside School staff is a dedicated group of individuals committed to working together to provide a positive, safe, and integrated learning environment for students. Our school provides a systematic educational plan that:

  • Promotes education as a priority in a child’s life.
  • Is academically challenging and student centered.
  • Encourages parental and community support of programs.
  • Promotes cooperation.
  • Respects and appreciates our similarities and differences.
  • Allows for flexibility and change.
  • Fosters self-esteem, students responsibility, and independence.
  • Prepares students for the future.