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Additional READY Openings



3 and 4 Year Old Applicants


Cranford Public Schools offers an inclusive half day preschool Program called READY.

The READY program is a regular education preschool program that places children with special needs with their typical peers. The Philosophy is based on the rationale that children learn through modeling and imitation and are motivated by other children. By integrating students with disabilities into typical preschool classes, maximum growth and development is achieved for all children.


        We have openings available for the P.M. session of READYThe hours of the program are 12:30pm – 3pm.  Cranford does NOT provide transportation to students in this program.


Children who will be 3 years old or 4 years old by October 1, 2017 and are Cranford residents are eligible for READYApplications must be hand delivered to the Board of Education Office, 132 Thomas Street.  The application is included below.


        The tuition charge for this program is $390.00 per month. First and last months tuition is due upon acceptance into the program and is non refundable.


For additional information or if you have any questions, you may call The Office of   Special Services at (908)709-6217.




     Cranford Public Schools

                      READY Program Application 2017-2018

                                               NEW APPLICANT


  __  3 years old by October. 1, 2017     OR          ___ 4 years old by October. 1, 2017         

(Check appropriate box above)

*Must be less than age 5 yrs. and at least 3 yrs. by October 1, 2017


Student’s Name:________________________________________________________________________    

                           Last                                           First                                          M.I.                                                  


* DOB______/_______/_______                                            Gender: M______ F_____

         Month     Day     Year 


Parent/Guardian Name(s): ________________________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Address: ________________________________________________________________


Home Phone:________________________Email:_____________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Cell Phone parent 1._______________________________________________________


                                              parent 2._______________________________________________________



In case of emergency please contact:


Name(s):___________________________________   Relationship:________________________________




Phone (cell):    _______________________________ Home: ______________________________________


Best number to contact: ____________________________________________________________________


Please check whichever applies:


______     I do not suspect my child might have a developmental delay or disability.


______     I suspect my child might have developmental delay or disability. Please indicate reason(s) below:






I understand that transportation is NOT provided.


Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature: _____________________________________________________________


Print Name: ________________________________________________________________________





Please return this application: 

Office of Special Services

Cranford Board of Education

132 Thomas Street

Cranford, New Jersey 07016