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    Cranford HIB Letter from the Anti-Bullying Coordinator


    Cranford’s HIB Grades for 2016-2017 As Issued

    by NJ Department of Education




    June 2018



    • June 18-21: Monday - Thursday
      • Single session for students/Full day for staff


    • June 21:      Thursday 
      • Graduation (Cranford High School)  and last day







    Lincoln School taking a trip to Jardine Academy with Santa, Elf and the Cranford Cougar. 

    Santa Cougar flexing

    Santa Hug presents

    Hug2 santa3

    jardine2 Police elf





    Dr. Rubin and Mr. Rafaniello congratulating Ms. Murach for being named Lincoln SchoolTeacher of the Year. We are so proud of you Ms. M!

    Ms. Murach  Murach 2









    Ducky Race  Thank you to Lincoln School Art students in Mrs. Polyviou's class for drawing posters for the Hanson Park Conservancy's 7th Annual Rubber Ducky Race at Sperry Park in Cranford.  



    Garden Grant  

       Students of the Cranford Achievement Middle Program have started growing vegetables at Lincoln School.  Lincoln School was recently approved by the Union County "Kids Dig In" school grant program. The grant program provided the funds and assistance necessary for the Middle School students to grow and harvest vegetable for their families and members of the Cranford community. 

    2016-17 HIB Self-Assessment Data

    Cranford Public Schools are committed to providing a safe and caring school community. Please see this message from Dr. Paul E. Ward, the district anti-bullying coordinator, and the related 2016-17 HIB Self-Assessment Data. The letter contains details on how to provide parent and community feedback on the self-assessment. 

    Letter From Dr. Ward

    2016-2017 Self Assessment

    Regulation #5331R for Managing Food Allergies 

    Recently there were changes to school policy regarding in-class celebrations.  

    For details, please click here:






     Arts and Crafts with Lincoln School students


     For Volunteer Week, Jadine Academy took a visit to Lincoln School. Students and staff helped assist in various arts and crafts projects for the day.  




    We would like to also thank all the students that participated in our Teen Arts Contest. The CAMP program had a student come in First place for his age group! Congratulations Mrs. Polyviou and continue the great work in our arts department. 






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