• 3-5 Services


    Grades 3-5   P2E SESSIONS

    Identified students in grades 3-5 meet with an enrichment specialist for approximately three hours per week to foster critical and creative thinking skills.  Interdisciplinary lessons are planned and focus on a particular theme for the year. In addition, inquiry-based tasks, service learning opportunities, differentiated projects and products are offered to the students in conjunction with the weekly lessons when appropriate.



    Pathways staff members design and implement STEAM challenges for Grade 3 classes throughout the district incorporating science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. Lessons are delivered in an inquiry and project-based format. 

    Take a look at some of our sample units!

                        Ship the Chip    Float Your Boat   LEGO



    Enrichment specialists provide supplemental writing units to all 4th grade classrooms throughout the district. The lessons are designed in collaboration with the classroom teacher focusing on skills or themes which align with the grade-level curriculum and current unit of study. 



    The P2E enrichment specialists works with 5th grade classroom teachers to enhance their math instruction. Staff members offer support for high-ability learners in need of additional challenges and provide rigorous tasks to encourage a deeper understanding of content.



    “Discovery Days”

    Students have opportunities to participate in various field experiences and convocations throughout the year.  The “Discovery Days” are organized by the Pathways staff and are aligned with the yearly theme. These activities provide students with an opportunity to participate in real-world experiences.


    These grade-level events are sponsored and presented by members of the Union County Gifted and Talented Association. Students meet and work with other gifted students from neighboring towns to collaborate on problem-solving tasks, critical/creative thinking activities, and team-building exercises.



    The Pathways staff is responsible for planning and organizing lunchtime enrichment sessions for students in grades 3-5. Guest speakers are invited to share their expertise and knowledge. The activities are advertised in advance and interested students must register and obtain a permission slip to attend. These sessions offer the students exposure to a variety of different topics and allow them to develop skills, to explore careers, and discover new hobbies.