• 2016-2017


                                                                                                       "Investigate, Educate, Motivate"
    We hope that you enjoyed a restful summer and took the time to recharge your batteries! Now it’s time to plug-in and power up for this year’s P2E theme, iConnect: Investigate, Educate, Motivate.
    We will begin by booting up the year as we surf the waves of communication history and investigate pivotal technological advancements from past to present.
    We will then navigate a cyber journey of browsing, processing, and streaming “big ideas worth sharing” as participants in a TED-ED Club program.
    After identifying and specializing in a domain of their greatest interest/passion and networking with mentors in their field of expertise, students will effectively articulate their big ideas. The year will log off with a final presentation in the form of TED-style talks.
    The iConnect Convention to be held on Monday, June 5th will be a celebration of creative ideas inspiring change.  What’s your BIG idea?