• Students in each Freshman CP World History class  will particpate in an academic presentation that asks them to consider the theme:  Taking a Stand in World History.  Students may work in groups of two to three students. Studnets have several options from which they may chose to present their research findings. The project will account for 20% of the 4th marking period grade, a significant portion.  All projects must be completed by June 4, 2018, and class presentations will take place during the week of June 4 - 8.


    What does it mean to take a stand?

    Throughout history, many individuals made difficult decisions to stand up and fight injustices in their communities.  often times standing up for what is right is not deemed the most popular positionto take.  There frequently hare harsh punishments and consequences for the decisions to go against the established government or group.  In other cases, individuals or groups worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for others.  Students will be provided with a list of candidates who have made significant contributions in humanitarianism in the 20th anad 21st centuries.


    Project Options: 

    1.  Documentary 

       a.  create a documentary as a group

       b.  the documentary should not exceed 10 minutes and should fully explain the life and achievements of the     individual or group

       c.  include a works cited page in MLA format that will be listed in the final credits of the documentary; be sure to give credit to all of the sources used in the creation of the documentary, including images, music, and film

      d.  be sure to introduce yourself aand state the title of your project in the documentary introduction


    2.  Exhibit

       a.  the exhibit may be presented as a tri-fold presentation or a replica of an artifact that relates to the work of the person or group

       b.  exhibits ust include images, maps, and other visual primary sources; all images bust be credited on the eshibit board and in an annotated bibliography

       c.  include a works cited page in MLS format; there is a 500 original (student-composed) word limit paper that shoulcd be included 


    3.  Performance

       a.  the performance should not exceed 10 minutes

       b.  a written paper explaining how your subject inspired your work and how your performance demonstrates this should be included

       c.  be creative - create costumes, set, and props

       d.  be sure to introduce yourself and recite the tilte of your performance before performing

       e.  you may use media within your performance as long as you can operate it yourself


    4.  Websites

       a.  create a fully functional website

       b.  you may include multimeadia clips, but the total running time should not exceed 4 minutes

       c.  the website may contain up to 1,200 origianl word - do not forget to include the work count on the home page


    Regardless of the method chosen to presnt your information, there are several items which apply to all:

    1.  When working in groups, students should work in the spirit of cooperative learning and team building.

    2.  Students need to incorporate a minimum of 2 primary sources and 2 secondary sources in their work.

    3.  Allprojects must include an MLA formatted works cited page.

    4.  Students will need to present their projects in class during the week of June 4 - 8.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the world history course teacher or Ms. Judith Podbelski, Supervisor of Social Studies.