• 2017-2018

     Design Discovery

    Pull-Out Program:

    The Pathways staff is excited to present this year's learning theme: "DESIGN DISCOVERY"


    Students will act as designers and "mind crafters."  This year they will ignite their imaginations as we explore portals to design through creative and critical mind “mining.”  After a survey and study of the design thinking process, students will problem-solve through inquiry, craft and create solutions, and then innovate and launch their mind-bending ideas! The 21st century needs trailblazers in our rapidly changing world.

    The Designers made their mark to spark the imagination of the audience members at our P2E end-of-year showcase:  “ThinkerCon” which was held on Monday, June 4, 2018 at Hillside Avenue School. 

    Check back to see pictures of the showcase!


    Thinker Con Bubble Balloons from Showcase 2018

    Potential Clients check in table from Showcase

    thinkercon poster

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