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    Family and Consumer Sciences


     Middle School Family and Consumer Sciences Courses 

    6th grade: FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES “LIFE SKILLS” 30 day introductory course introduces students to practical life skills and knowledge in sewing and food preparation/nutrition. 

     7th grade:  FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES 45 days of machine sewing techniques

     8th grade: FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES 45 days of food preparation/nutrition

    8th grade: ADVANCED SEWING AND FASHION DESIGN/HISTORY 45 days of sewing with a pattern and building on the experiences from 7th grade sewing 



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    Cranford High School Family and Consumer Sciences Courses


    Child Development: This course is a full year service-learning elective that introduces students to the child education and care profession through a careful, psychology-grounded study of child development.

    Sew Easy: (not offered 2016-17) This semester elective course is designed for students to explore the various aspects of clothing construction. 

    Loose Threads: This semester elective course adds new and more challenging techniques to construction of projects using fabric.

    Sewing Advanced: (not offered 2016-17) This advanced sewing semester elecctive course builds upon instruction previously given in the prerequisite courses.

    Fashion: (not offered 2016-17) This elective semester course provides students with the opportunity to investigate and apply the elements and principles of design to fashion trends and clothing selection.

    Interior Design: This elective semester course offers students the opportunity to explore and apply the elements and principles of design to interior living spaces. 

    Cooking Basics: (not offered 2016-17) This elective semester course explores  principles of food preparation and nutrition of various food groups.

    Modern Cooking: (not offered 2016-17) This elective course applies to nutrition, food, and exercise to the student’s life. 

    Culinary Arts: (not offered 2016-17) This elective semester course is designed to develop more advanced skills in the culinary arts.

    International Cuisine: (not offered 2016-17) Students will study different cultures and their contribution to food customs and preparations

    Ready - Set - Teach: This elective is a college education course for students interested in learning more about teaching as a possible career.

    Teacher Cadet Honors: The purpose of this honors level course is to train students to become well-qualified individuals in the profession of teaching.

    Independent Living: This semester course is designed for students who want to become better prepared for living on their own.