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    The Language Arts program encompasses reading literature and informational text, foundational skills, speaking and listening, language (word work and grammar) and writing (crafting narrative, informational, and opinion pieces as well as practicing manuscript handwriting). The understandings and skills of each strand of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards are not isolated, but integrated, interactive, and embedded in all subject areas across the curriculum.

    Our primary reading instruction is literature and informational text-based and follows a balanced literacy approach through a number of strategies and techniques in Reading Workshop. These include read-alouds, shared reading, guided reading, independent reading, small group strategy instruction, one-to-one conferencing, and partnership or book club discussions. Writing Workshop mirrors the same structure and techniques emphasizing immersion, independence, and choice.  Daily word work emphasizing phonemic awareness is embedded within this structure.  

    Reading and Writing Workshop provide students with the necessary tools to communicate orally, read and comprehend print, and write with clarity and purpose for a variety of audiences.   


    Meet the K-2 English Language Arts Instructional Coach, Mrs. Lorraine Madden.