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    March 13, 2020

    Dear Cranford School Community, 

    With the safety of our school community as our top priority, we want to inform you that the District will be implementing its Emergency Education Plan (Home Instructional Distance Learning) on Monday, March 16, 2020, due to public health concerns related to Coronavirus (COVID19). This decision was made in collaboration with the Township Health Officer. We want to assure the Cranford community, we have not had a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the Cranford Public Schools. 

    We are making this decision as a proactive measure for the safety of our students, staff, and the entire Cranford community at large.  We will keep the main entrances of all school buildings open on Monday, March 16, from 8:00 a.m. until 8 p.m., in order to give students time to collect any belongings they may need for a prolonged closure.  Students should also be sure to remove any perishable items from their lockers during this time.  On Monday, Chromebooks will also be available at your child’s respective school for those who requested them.  After Monday, the District will be closed to students.

    The home instructional plan will begin on Monday, March 16, 2020.  Here is a link to a dedicated section of the website which will provide information regarding the plan.  More information will be posted here as it becomes available.   Please know that if you require food as part of the free and reduced lunch program we will contact you directly so that you are aware of the procedure for food delivery.  

    Parents and guardians can expect further information regarding the home instructional plan, including procedures for Monday’s pick-up of materials, from their child’s respective principal. 

    It is difficult to determine when the buildings will reopen, but right now we are implementing the distance learning plan effective Monday, March 16, 2020, through Friday, March 27, 2020. All field trips, school events, and activities are also postponed, effective today, for as long as the buildings remain closed. Some events may be rescheduled for future dates once schools are reopened.  We will evaluate the situation each week and, if necessary, extend our distance learning program.   

    This is an extremely fluid situation, with developing information coming out every day. We understand that these are uncharted waters and further questions will arise.  Please know that we are committed to working with you in finding solutions and we do believe as a community there is no obstacle we cannot overcome.

    We thank you in advance for your flexibility, patience, understanding, and partnership. 


    Scott Rubin

    Mrs. Michele Cammarata
    Cranford Public Schools
    Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools
    P: 908-709-6202   F: 908-272-7735



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    March 12, 2020


    Coronavirus Letter 


    CAP Office Hours

    CAMP Office Hours

    LEAP Office Hours


     Lincoln School is a K-12 setting, within the Cranford Public Schools that is committed to providing Special Education Services to students from within the Cranford Public Schools and the surrounding communities.  Lincoln School was established as an alternative setting for classified students who are experiencing difficulty adjusting to the traditional school environment.

    We offer a strong academic program while providing behavioral support and therapeutic intervention.  Our intention is to provide an academic curriculum that is aligned with the

    Common Core State Standards in an environment that is flexible to meet the needs of our students.   Our curriculum targets personalized learning and we strive to provide our students with the academic, social and emotional skills necessary to be successful within the school setting and to be positive and active contributors to society.


    A structured behavior management system helps to monitor student progress and systematically award privileges.  A firm, fair and consistent approach is used by the entire staff. Our school includes a strong, therapeutic component and students are encouraged to be active participants in the therapeutic process.  



    Letter from the Anti-Bullying Coordinator 

    Cranford HIB Letter from the Anti-Bullying Coordinator




    School Closed to Further Notice: 





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    Mr. Lorelli named as Lincoln School's Teacher of the Year for 2019-20!

     Mr. Lorelli Lincoln School Teacher of the Year 2019-20













    Playground opening


    Lincoln School is very excited about our new playground.  Thanks to the generous donation from the Union County Freeholders.  Lincoln School inaugurated our new playground on Friday, October 26, 2018 with a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by our students, Dr. Rubin and the Union County Freeholders.


    With tons of options such as slides, a couch see saw, monkey bars and a mini merry go round, our new playground will provide our students with a wonderful outlet to climb, run and play with one another.  Thank you to Freeholder Al Mirabelli and the Union County Freeholders for making it happen.




    Lincoln School taking a trip to Jardine Academy with Santa, Elf and the Cranford Cougar. 

    Santa Cougar flexing

    Santa Hug presents

    Hug2 santa3

    jardine2 Police elf























    Thank you to Lincoln School Art students in Mrs. Polyviou's class for drawing posters for the Hanson Park Conservancy's 7th Annual Rubber Ducky Race at Sperry Park in Cranford.  


    Garden Grant  















    Students of the Cranford Achievement Middle Program have started growing vegetables at Lincoln School.  Lincoln School was recently approved by the Union County "Kids Dig In" school grant program. The grant program provided the funds and assistance necessary for the Middle School students to grow and harvest vegetable for their families and members of the Cranford community. 

    2016-17 HIB Self-Assessment Data

    Cranford Public Schools are committed to providing a safe and caring school community. Please see this message from Dr. Paul E. Ward, the district anti-bullying coordinator, and the related 2016-17 HIB Self-Assessment Data. The letter contains details on how to provide parent and community feedback on the self-assessment. 

    Letter From Dr. Ward

    2016-2017 Self Assessment

    Regulation #5331R for Managing Food Allergies 

    Recently there were changes to school policy regarding in-class celebrations.  

    For details, please click here:





    Arts and Crafts with Lincoln School students






    For Volunteer Week, Jadine Academy took a visit to Lincoln School. Students and staff helped assist in various arts and crafts projects for the day.  







    We would like to also thank all the students that participated in our Teen Arts Contest. The CAMP program had a student come in First place for his age group! Congratulations Mrs. Polyviou and continue the great work in our arts department.