• Academic Eligibility

    Academic eligibility is based on credits earned during the previous year or semester.  To be eligible for interscholastic athletic participation during the first semester of the tenth grade or higher, a student must have passed 30 credits.  Credits earned during summer school will be counted toward the fulfillment of this requirement.  To be eligible for interscholastic athletic participation during the second semester of the ninth or higher grades, the student must have passed the equivalent of 15 credits during the preceding semester.  The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) regulates eligibility of student athletes throughout the state.


    Co-Curricular Eligibility

    Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheerleaders shall be considered as student athletes and held to the athletic eligibility requirements as given above.  In order to run for a Class or Student Government office, a student must have passed at least 15 credits during the fall semester.  In order to audition for a part in a play or musical, a student must have passed 30 credits during the preceding academic year, excluding freshmen.


    NCAA Initial Eligibility Requirements

    All prospective student-athletes who want to play NCAA Division 1 or 2 intercollegiate athletics must be certified by the NCAA Clearinghouse to be eligible to play.  Students must register with the Clearinghouse as well as request a transcript be sent through the CHS School Counseling Office.  The breakdown of requirements is listed below. (coming soon)  Please access the link: http://www.ncaapublications.com/productdownloads/CBSA.pdf for the guide for College- Bound Student-Athletes. Go to http://www.ncaa.org/student-athletes/future/school-presentation-resources for more information.