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CPSD - Moving Towards Normalcy: March 7, 2022

Dear Parents / Guardians, Students, and Community Members,


I hope this letter finds you and your family well. I want to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your partnership and support and also provide updated information.  

As stated previously, on March 7, the universal statewide school mask mandate will be lifted and the District will follow this guidance while at the same time safely and incrementally moving towards normalcy.  Please be reminded that it is essential that we all work together to promote an environment where everyone can feel comfortable with their choice while respecting others who may make a different choice.  Parents/ Guardians can help foster a safe and nurturing environment by having empathetic discussions at home to support the conversations that will be taking place in the classrooms.  


The District will continue to monitor the weekly NJDOH CALI reports as well as other local data and continue to make additional changes as appropriate.  As the current data indicates dramatic improvements on the statewide, regional, and local levels, the District is making changes as outlined in the plan, Moving Towards Normalcy.   Here are some of the highlights of the current plan which will take effect on March 7:

  • Masking - Universal masking is not required; please see slide 10 for required masking exceptions.  Lifting this requirement may lead to an increase of close contacts; however, the district will be participating in a test to stay program.

  • Test to stay - The District supports the “Test to Stay” program which allows asymptomatic close contacts to return to in-person academic activities immediately so long as the contacts follow the protocol, including testing negative on days 1, 3, and 5.  Home-tests are acceptable. Upon return, students will have to wear a mask through day 10. **Exposed close contacts who have no COVID-19 symptoms and are up to date with vaccinations (including booster when eligible) and / or tested positive within 90 days do not need to be excluded (do not need to participate in Test to Stay).

  • Distancing

    • Classroom - the School District will strive to maintain a minimum of three feet of distance among students and faculty in each classroom at all grade levels.  Desks can now be grouped together.

    • Lunch - The School District will now strive to maintain a minimum of three feet of distance between students during lunch (it was 6 feet).  As a result, cafeteria tables will be set up during lunch at all grade levels.

    • Recess (elementary grades) - every attempt will be made for recess to occur outside, weather permitting.  Students will no longer be “podded” with their class.

    • Open Campus (high school) - Open campus will continue for all grades through the rest of the 2021-2022 school year.


Keeping the community safe is a shared responsibility.  One of the best ways you can assist the community is to stay home when you are sick and notify the school nurse to receive further information.

We continue to be optimistic as we safely move towards normalcy.  In fact, it is quite possible that our region will be moving into the lowest transmission category (green), according to the CALI report, within the next couple of weeks.  If the data continues to trend in this positive direction, the community can fully expect that the District will further reduce restrictions.  Thank you again for your patience, flexibility, and partnership.


Be well and stay safe!


Scott Rubin