• October

    October Healthy Hints from the School Nurse

    October is here and I hope everyone has settled into a great Back to School routine. In the rush to get off to a great start it can be difficult for families to take the time for things that will help overall health and well-being.  Here are a few things to take time for:

    • Time to eat right ~ Healthy meals and snacks will power up your children’s bodies and minds.


    • Time to sleep ~ A good night’s sleep includes 8-10 hours for children. It is restorative and restful.  Also the very important Human Growth Hormone is released into the bloodstream during sleep.


    • Time to Play ~ Active play benefits your health, lowers stress and helps meet children’s daily recommended  60 minutes of activity. 


    • Time to relax ~ Studies have shown that daily stress can take a toll on our physical and mental health. Practicing relaxation can decrease some chronic health concerns, restore energy and lead to a more positive mindset.  Relaxation doesn’t have to be just yoga;  find a fun activity to do: read, color, create or simply sit quietly.  A recent study at University of North Carolina concluded that creativity is associated with happiness.


    • Time to think positive thoughts ~Recent studies at Kings College in London and University of Kentucky have found that positive thinking reduces anxiety and stress and boosts self confidence. Help your children create their own positive mantra.


    • Time to smile ~ There are plenty of reasons to smile. Although the exact number is in dispute, all scientific sources agree that it takes fewer facial muscles to smile than it does to frown. A University of Kansas study found that smiling reduces heart rate and blood pressure during stressful situations.  And it makes others feel good too!


    • And finally, as professed each day by Mr.Klimko on the morning announcements, take time each day to be kind!


    Other important notes:

    Bike Racks:  A reminder that we have bike racks at the first, second and fifth grade doors.  It is wonderful to see all three racks being used!

    Medications: All medications taken during school, prescription, over the counter, eye drops, lotions, require a doctor order and written parent permission.  Forms can be found on the district website or in my office.

    Excused Gym Time: A child may be excused from gym with written parent permission for up to five days.  After that time a doctor note is required.  A student with a cast or hard splint may be excluded from gym/recess for their safety and the safety of others.Any child with an injury requiring surgery or cast, sling, splint must have a doctor note to return to gym.

    Earrings: In order to participate in gym, earrings must be removed or covered with a Bandaid.  It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to provide the bandages. Keeping a small supply in your child’s backpack may be helpful.

    Absence Procedures: Please include me, Ms. O’Hara, in communications about scheduled absences. I may be reached at 908-709-6246 and Please empty your voice mailboxes so that I may leave a message if needed. Thank you.


    ~ Paula O’Hara, Brookside Place School Nurse