The role of the Hillside Avenue School Nurse is to provide health and nursing services for students in Grades K-8.  The goal of the Nurse's Office is to support the educational process by promoting optimum wellness and working closely with the parents/guardians and teachers to:

    • Assess and evaluate the health needs of students
    • Accomodate students with specific health concerns            

     The School Nurse provides the following services to the students which are mandated by the State of New Jersey:

    • Blood Pressure, Height & Weight Screenings: All Grades
    • Vision Screening: Grades K, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8
    • Audiometric Screening: Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 7
    • Scoliosis Screenings: Grades 5, 7
    • Maintenance of health records
    • Compliance with State Immunizations Requirements
    • Administration of medications prescribed by a physician
    • Distributes student emergency health care plans to staff
    • Assessment and provision of initial care for illness/injury
    • Participating in the identification, referral and health appraisal of students with the Child Study Team
    • Management of the automatic defibrillator
    • Designates and trains delegates in the administration of epinephrine and glucagon when the nurse is not present
    • Liaison between school, parents, physician and community agencies


           MEDICATION FORM and POLICY:  to be completed by Physican and signed by the parent

           Medication Administration Form


           ASTHMA MEDICATION FORM:   Asthma Action Plan - to be completed by Physican and parent

           Asthma Action Plan Form


           ALLERGY MEDICATION FORM:  Allergy Action Plan - to be completed by Physican and parent

           Allergy Action Plan Form


           IMMUNIZATIONS:  New Jersey immunizations are specific to your child's age and grade.  Please see links for immunization schedules and requirements:

          http://immunization requirements - K-12 - State of New Jersey  (under construction)

           Students starting school in the State of New Jersey cannot start school until proof of mandated immunizations are provided to and reviewed by the school nurse.

           PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS: Documentation of a physical examination is required upon entry into the public school.  The New Jersey Department of Education strongly recommends physical examinations of students at least once during each of the developmental stages:

    • Early childhood (pre-school through Grade 3)
    • Pre-adolescence (Grade 4 through 6)
    • Adolescence (Grade 7 through 12) 

           Additionally, annual physical examinations for school age children are recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics to monitor growth and development as well as early detection of health problems.