Family, Friends and Community:

    Related activities help students build feelings of self-worth and self-esteem by leading them to appreciate their importance within their family and school. Their awareness of the commonality of families should, naturally, begin with their own family and extend to others’. An important aspect of this awareness is an understanding that there are many different types of families, friends and communities and that each type provides a source of love, learning, encouragement, and support.


    Celebrating Differences:

    Related activities reinforce multicultural topics. Children are guided to the discovery that each of us is special, and that the differences of race, religion, and culture make for a richer world. A core lesson: we must resist the tendency to label as “odd” or “wrong” cultures and customs that are different from our own. Indeed, once we look deeper, we realize that our differences serve only to underscore our shared humanity.


     Save the Planet:

    This final theme includes activities designed to help students consider problems we all face due to increasing population and diminishing resources. The primary learning objective is to raise student awareness of ecological issues. Children are guided to the discovery that the earth must be shared and respected, not exploited or used for shortsighted ends. The importance of preserving natural resources for future generations is similarly stressed.


    Taken together, these themes are designed to promote the belief that all people share the common bond of humanity, and that all of us, regardless of differences in race, religion, or culture, are brothers and sisters who can learn to share, cooperate and respect one another.