Communication Between School and Home


    Two-way communication between the school and home is an essential part of any successful school.  We, at Walnut Avenue School, know this to be true and want all parents to feel free to ask questions and get involved in their child’s education.  Parent/ Teacher conferences are a vital part of the educational process and we are committed to making ourselves accessible to hear your concerns and share your impressions of your child’s experience at school.  For this reason, all classroom teachers are required to attempt to schedule at least two formal conferences to discuss student goals and progress.  These conferences generally take place in November and April.  The conferences are usually conducted during the school day and substitutes are secured to cover classes during the conference period.

     The primary focus of the November (Fall) conference is the gathering of data regarding the student’s strengths and interests.  Teachers also utilize this conference to communicate their goals and expectations for students during the upcoming school year.

     The primary focus of the April (Spring) conference is the reviewing of student progress for the preceding three quarters.  Teachers typically use this conference to share assessment data with parents and/or examples of student work illustrating achievement and progress.

     In addition to these formal/ required conferences, parents should feel free to request time to speak to a teacher anytime they feel the need.  Indeed, they are encouraged to do so.  Many times, a small problem can be kept from becoming a major one when parents and teachers exchange information in a free and positive manner.

     So how do you get in touch with your child’s teacher?  The teachers at Walnut Avenue School are very busy people but they are never too busy to talk to parents.  While we are not averse to the informal conference in the hallway before or after school, this is often not the best way to discuss certain issues.  A little advance notice is always preferable and helps contribute to a more relaxed and thoughtful discussion of the question at hand.  While all of our teachers have access to e-mail and voice mail, the preferred method of requesting a conference at our school is by way of a simple note sent to school with your child.  Additional conferences can always be scheduled before and after school and teachers are also open to telephone conferences if and when these are more convenient.  Parents should also feel free to call the main office anytime they have a question or need to contact a teacher.  In each situation we will make every attempt to respond to your requests in a prompt, courteous and professional manner.

    We honestly want to be partners in your child’s education.  Help us keep the lines of communication open so that our school can continue to be an exciting place for children to learn and grow.

     For your convenience, e-mail addresses for all Walnut Avenue School staff are posted below.  Although most staff members check their e-mail on a regular basis, you should never hesitate to follow up with a note or a phone call if you do not get a response to an e-mail in a reasonable amount of time.


    Alison Bielinski                                     bielinski@cranfordschools.org

    Joann Cheeka                                      cheekajo@cranfordschools.org

    Joan Crincoli                                       crincoli@cranfordschools.org

    Gina DiFabio                                       difabio@cranfordschools.org

    Laura Edwards                                    edwardsl@cranfordschools.org

    Whitney Younghans (Taylor)                 younghans@cranfordschools.org

    Kathleen Garguilo                                garguilo@cranfordschools.org

    Erica Campbell                                     campbell.erica@cranfordschools.org

    Athena Lima                                        limaathe@cranfordschools.org

    Samantha Longo                                  longosam@cranfordschools.org

    Jodi Mathisen                                      mccabejo@cranfordschools.org

    Judy Grogan                                        grogan@cranfordschools.org

    Susan McCarthy                                  mccarths@cranfordschools.org

    Katherine Morris                                  morris@cranfordschools.org

    Kandace Nieliwocki                              nieliwoc@cranfordschools.org

    Angelo Paternoster                               paternos@cranfordschools.org

    Maureen Rapach                                  rapach@cranfordschools.org

    Annette Ritzer                                      ritzeran@cranfordschools.org

    Susan Stein                                         steinsus@cranfordschools.org

    Ann Hamilton Winn                               winn@cranfordschools.org

    Alyson Schultz                                     alyson.schultz@cranfordschools.org

    Mary Purcell                                        purcellm@cranfordschools.org

    Paula Perreault                                    perreault@cranfordschools.org

    Jennifer Klausner                                klausner@cranfordschools.org

    Sandra Romano                                   romano@cranfordschools.org

    Donna Katz                                         katz@cranfordschools.org

    Maureen Scepkowski                           scepkowski@cranfordschools.org

    Caitlin Schafer                                     schafer@cranfordschools.org

    Melissa Ferraro                                    lattig@cranfordschools.org

    Angela Glynn                                      glynn@cranfordschools.org

    Valerie Gormely                                  gormely@cranfordschools.org

    Victoria Smutek                                   smutek@cranfordschools.org

    Marina Brito                                        brito@cranfordschools.org

    Leslie Eckenthal                                  eckenthal@cranfordschools.org