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Language Arts and Social Studies Intersect in the BAS Kindergartens


The Kindergartners at BAS learned about leaders during the month of February. Read Across America presented an opportunity to meet our own Cranford leaders and make that connection during the week of February 25.

The Township Mayor, Commissioners and Township Attorney were invited into the classrooms to meet and read to all the kindergartners in KAMB, KPMB, KAMBa and the Full Day Kindergarten as part of the Read Across America Celebration Week.

Commissioner Giblin started our weeklong celebration by reading to his daughter, Caroline’s class. He read a story about one of Caroline's favorite characters, Pinkalicious. Mayor Hannen read the beloved classic, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs to the delight of the kindergarten classes. Commissioner Maisonneuve read two books about the Tooth Fairy sparking exuberant tales of loose and wiggly teeth. Commissioner Dooley read  Journey to the River of Perfumes and Mr. Cooper capped off the week with an all time favorite, Green Eggs and Ham.

Commissioner O'Connor sent us her best. She wasn't able to join us because she shares the same school work schedule we do. We look forward to a visit from her when her schedule permits.

Thank you to all of our Guest Readers for sharing your storytelling with the BAS Kindergarten!


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