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On Friday, November 2nd, Mr. Fichter's and Miss Laudano's 6th Grade students at H.A.S. started-off their "Sustainability & Climate Change Unit" by Skyping with professional in the field of glaciology and climate change.  Each of the six classes had the opportunity to speak LIVE with a different glaciologists from universities around the country.  Students were able to take notes on what current practices exist in modern-science, but more importantly were able to ask questions 1-on-1 with the scientists in an interactivie fashion.  Science and scientists are often misunderstood, and hopefully through this experience, we are "breaking the ice" with what is truly occuring in the world around us with regards to human impact onto our climate.  Observing glaciers is a visual example of the changes we face.  At the beginning of each unit throughout the school year, students will be provided with opportunity to speak LIVE with other scientists in their respective Earth & Spaced Science field.  We hope that through our "Scientist Skype Series", we can bring more of the real-world science into our classroom.