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Each month, the team of teachers in each Middle School grades 6-8 will choose a student they believe deserves to be C.A.R.E.S. Ambassador of the month.  These students will have their name announced during morning annoucements at the end of each month and their names displayed in the Main Office.  At the end of the year, all nominated students and their two chosen family members will receive a pizza party and certificate of achievement:

CRITERIA:  (For the months September - May)

Caring/Kind Behavior

Positive Attitude

Exemplifies C.A.R.E.S.

Works well with other students and staff

Participates in class and school activities

Strives to be a good citizen on a daily basis


                                                           Students this year so far:

                       September                                 October                                   November                                December

Grade 6        Adrianna DellaVecchia             Charissa Pecoraro                  Alexa Chen                           Andrew Gathercole

Grade 7        Isabella Stappas                        Leslie Sandi Miranda             Olivia Stopielo                     Kevin Brewster

Grade 8        Lily Young                                 Henry Warren                             Saniya Licorish              Rafael Potenciano


                           January                                February                                     March                                  

Grade 6        Zara Hammond                     Owen Kennedy                         Ryan West

Grade 7        Shane Hamblin                      Jake Katz                                     Darren Bush

Grade 8        Kayla Cabrera                         Jesus Namroud                         Gianna Pantastico


                        April                                        May                                      June

Grade 6        Nick Mazur                            Olivia Wall

Grade 7        Annalisa Marczi                   Lily Goodwin

Grade 8        Jack Sisk                               Lyla Cassidy