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A Look Inside the Library

Maker Space at Brookside Place

The Brookside Place School Library/Media Center has a different look this year. The combination of a new media curriculum, longer library periods for grades one through five, and a full-time library media specialist helped bring about the change. The extended period allows for instruction in media skills, book selection, and center time. Students will cycle through the six "maker centers" experiencing a new center each week. The maker centers have a STEAMR theme (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematical Thinking, and Reading). During the first cycle students have been examining shells and starfish under magnifying glasses, practicing keyboarding skills, creating with giant Tinker Toys, building with the new Lego Wall, making bookmarks, playing checkers, and enjoying books in the cozy reading nook.  Different center activities are planned through the year as well as the addition of coding activities with Ozobots and Dash & Dot robots.


   Tinker Toys       Tinker Toy Project         Seashell     Tinker Toy Star


Media skills taught in the beginning weeks of school focus on navigating the library, using the online library catalog and book care.  Students are reminded to keep their library books safe and away from younger siblings, puppies and food / drinks. Library books should be returned to school the next week of class.  Students may always renew their library book.