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Lenni Lenape Fun

Lenni Lenape Learning

Two interactive experiences helped BPS Grade 4 students learn more about the Lenni Lenape Indians. A grade-wide assembly presented by educator and archaeologist John T. Kraft of Lenape Lifeways helped bring classroom concepts to life. Students were able to see and touch authentic Native American artifacts and learn all about the first people of New Jersey.  This experience was followed by a Grade 4 field trip to Huber Woods where students worked in teams to build smaller versions of the long house, the traditional Lenni Lenape home.  Together with classroom learning and assignments, these experiences provided a clear picture of the Lenni Lenape people for Brookside Place fourth grade students. 


students hold artifacts                     student with presenter



                  students hold up a pole                                                         students hold up a pole


students dig hole with stick