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S.T.E.M. at Brookside Place School

Tiny Houses, Big Lessons

The houses may be tiny, but the lessons learned were big.  Students in Mrs. Rosemary Scholz's fifth grade class recently completed a S.T.E.M. lesson using the tiny house phenomenon as a springboard for learning.  The tiny house movement is an architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in a small home which often measures less than 500 square feet.

As part of the lesson each student constructed a model of their own tiny home using concepts such as scale, area and perimeter.  The lesson also included classroom discussions on conservation including eco-friendly design, energy efficiency and using recyclable materials.  Engineering was also part of problem solving as students explored home systems like heating, plumbing and electricity. About half of the class designed their home to be moveable and the other half elected to make their tiny home stationary.  Students then used their persuasive writing techniques to compose a pitch detailing why Cranford residents should consider purchasing the tiny house that they designed.


Tiny House Interior Students holding projects Tiny House Exterior