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Cranford Public Schools - Strategic Planning Survey and Information Session



As you may already know, the Cranford Public School District (CPSD) is embarking upon its 2018-2023 Strategic Planning initiative. In short, the purpose of Strategic Planning is to come together as a community to 1) examine and identify current strengths, challenges, and opportunities; 2) determine a desired future for our District; and 3) formulate goals and actionable steps to achieve our goals, and, ultimately, realize our vision.


Essential to the success of our Strategic Planning process is the comprehensive representation and full participation of the Cranford Public School District community - parents/guardians, teachers, support staff, administrators, community members, and students. Given such, all members of the Cranford Public School District community will have input in the process through multiple means and opportunities, including, the CPSD Strategic Planning Survey, information sessions, review and feedback periods, Board of Education meetings and other related experiences.


To this end, on behalf of the Cranford Public School District, it is with great excitement that I invite your participation in two important opportunities:


1.     The administration of the CPSD Strategic Planning Survey. This online survey requires approximately 12-15 minutes to complete. Please make sure you are in a location and on a device that provides reliable internet connection. Should you get disconnected at any time during its completion, simply return to the link and it should resume at the last question completed. The CPSD Strategic Planning Survey will be available from January 29th - February 9th.  All those who complete the survey will remain anonymous. Please do take advantage of this opportunity, as your perspective, insights, and feedback are most valued and appreciated.


2.     The CPSD Strategic Planning Information Session. This session will provide all members of the Cranford Public School District community an opportunity to learn more about the purpose, process and desired outcomes of Strategic Planning. Participants will engage in experiences that allow them to exchange perspectives, insights, and ideas, and envision a desired future for our District. It is scheduled to take place on February 20, 2018, from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm, at Hillside Avenue School. Please click HERE to RSVP for this event.


In closing, please do know that your participation will be of great value to this most important initiative. I do hope for and encourage your participation!


All my best,


Scott Rubin