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2019-2020 Full Day Kindergarten



Full Day Kindergarten Application

Please click the link above to download.

Cranford Public Schools

Full Day Kindergarten


We are excited to announce that the Cranford Board of Education will continue to hold two tuition-based full day kindergartens for the 2019-2020 school year, pending sufficient enrollment.  In anticipation of high interest in the program, your child’s participation will be based on a lottery.


Children who will be five years old by October 1, 2019, and are Cranford residents are eligible for the full-day kindergarten program. The application can also be downloaded from our website at (click on the “For Parents” tab).  Your application must be submitted to the Superintendent’s Office by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, January 4, 2019.  Applications submitted after January 4, 2019, will be placed on a waiting list.


If your child is selected you will be notified via email after January 9, 2019.  Applicants should be aware there is a tuition charge of $720 per month.  


For additional information or if you have any questions, you may call the Office of the Superintendent at (908) 709-6202.


**Please note that the locations of the full day kindergarten programs are Bloomingdale Avenue School and Walnut Avenue School. Parents/Guardians will be responsible for transportation.  Children attending the full day program will be placed in their home school for first grade in 2020-2021.


****Registration for half-day, full day kindergarten and first grade children will be conducted at a later date.  Additional information will be on our website, Facebook page and TV35.

Cranford Public Schools

2019-2020 Full Day Kindergarten Application

Student’s Name: __________________________________________________________

    Last First M.I.


*DOB:  _____/____/____ Gender: M__  F__

Month Day     Year

*Note:  Your child must be 5 years old by October 1, 2019

Parent/Guardian Name(s): __________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Address: ___________________________________________________________


My child’s home school is:  ___ BAS ___BPS ___ HAS ___ WAS


Home Phone: __________________ Email: _____________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Cell Phone: Parent 1: _______________________________________________

Parent 2: _______________________________________________

Business Phone 1: _______________________ Business Phone 2: ____________________



Your signature below indicates that:


I understand that this is a 1-year assignment and my child will be returned to his/her home school for grade one.  I also understand that I make payment in the amount of $720 per month and will be responsible for transporting my child.


Parent/Guardian Signature: ___________________________________________________________


Print Name: _____________________________________ Date: _________________________

Please return this application no later than  Friday, January 4, 2019 by 4:00  p.m.   Applications submitted after January 4, 2019 will be placed on a waiting list.


The Office of the Superintendent of Schools

132 Thomas Street

Cranford, New Jersey 07016