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The Cranford Board of Education, Administration and staff members care about the health, safety and welfare of all students who attend Cranford High School.  We expect our students to represent themselves, their families and our school in a positive and socially acceptable manner both in and out of school.

At times, some level of educational intervention may be necessary and warranted to educate students on the dangers associated with poor decision making as it relates to drugs and alcohol.  The ADAPT program is designed to provide preventative intervention services that are educational and therapeutic, not disciplinary.

The following criteria will qualify a student to participate in our mandatory ADAPT program:


  1. Referral by a student’s parent;


  1. Positive result from a drug screen;


  1. Student admission

A student may retain the privilege of confidentially disclosing involvement with alcohol/drugs with our Counselor, their Coach or other school official without penalty, assuming that the disclosure is a request for assistance; or


  1. Information from Cranford police/court (school sponsored event or non-school sponsored event)

Per the NJ Statute 2A: 4A-60 and the “Uniform State Memorandum of Agreement Between Education and Law Enforcement Officials,” the revised law permits law enforcement or prosecuting agencies to disclose information regarding juveniles who are under investigation when that information may be useful in maintaining order, safety or discipline in the school or to planning programs relevant to the juvenile’s educational and social development.”  (Memorandum of Agreement 2011, Article 5.1, page 23).


Participation in the ADAPT program is educational, and is separate and apart from any discipline that may be imposed upon a student for violation of school policies and practices and the Athletic Code of Conduct, if applicable.



A student’s successful compliance with an Intensive Outpatient program (IOP) or an approved offsite educational awareness program shall negate the requirement to participate in the ADAPT program.  Proof of successful completion of recommendations from an approved drug treatment facility or other approved program, as referenced herein shall be provided to the District in writing.