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Click here for PARCC & Other Learning Resources

PARCC & Other Learning Resources For Parents 

  1. PARCC Practice Tests. This is a fantastic way for your children to prepare for these assessments:

  2. A variety of information about the PARCC Tests:

  3. Our students and teachers engage in rigorous learning activities on a daily basis. Click here to learn more about a framework known as "Webb's Depth of Knowledge". This framework is used as the basis for instruction and planning at OAS:

  4. The recently adopted "New Jersey Learning Standards" guide instruction and lesson planning at OAS:

  5. Our elementary Mathematics program includes Envision 2.0 resources. Click here to learn more:

  6. Our 3-8 English/Language Arts program is based on the Readers and Writers Workshop model of instruction. Click here to learn more:

Mr. Marc Edery, Principal
Orange Avenue School