Board of Education Meeting 2/14/22

In light of the disruption that occurred at the last Board meeting, and in an effort to ensure that on February 14, the Board is able to conduct its obligated business on behalf of the school community, while adhering to its legal responsibilities to enforce all applicable laws, including executive orders, please note the following:
In accordance with the governor’s recent announcement, the District will not require universal masking, starting on March 7, but must enforce masking at the upcoming Board meetings on February 14 and February 28.  At both meetings the Board will provide an opportunity for residents to take part both in-person and virtually.  The Board also has a process for those individuals who qualify for a mask exception.  Those wishing to avail themselves of this opportunity should follow the procedure stated on the cover page of the Board agenda (attached).  
Board Policy 0167 - Public Participation in Board Meetings provides for the requesting of assistance from law enforcement officers in the removal of a disorderly person when that person prevents or disrupts a meeting with an act that obstructs or interferes with a meeting.  We ask that community members not place the Board in a position where law enforcement has to be called to assist; it places a burden on our police officers and also diverts their attention from potentially urgent matters in our community.  Rather, if residents object to executive orders, please focus your efforts on those individuals who either created the orders or who have the power to affect change through legislation, not on a group of volunteers who are bound by their oath to enforce them.

We expect that all attendees will be respectful and compliant, allowing official business to take place and affording fellow residents the opportunity for their voices to be heard.  Let’s continue to have Cranford residents be great role models for our children and for other communities.