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    November 1, 2019
    Dear Cranford Community Members, 

    I hope this correspondence finds you well. This is to inform you that the initial meeting of our Referendum Exploration Steering Committee (RESC) took place on Thursday, October 17th. The session proved to be a very positive and productive kick-off to this important process. In part, the RESC members spent time in examination of its overall function and responsibilities to the District, which include: 

    • to ensure effective, sustained and efficient communication throughout the referendum process;

    • to ensure full representation of the community by providing opportunities for input; and

    • to support the development and promotion of a CPSD referendum.

    To be clear, the work of the RESC will focus specifically on the attributes of Plans 8, 10 and District enhancements.   Plans 8 and 10 both provide great benefits to the school system and neither includes additional busing.

    • Plan 8 (Full Day Kindergarten, adds appropriate educational support spaces, four K-5 schools, and two dedicated 6-8 middle schools --one on each side of town)

    • Plan 10 (Keeps schools as they are currently zoned, adds Full Day Kindergarten, and adds appropriate educational support spaces)

    • District Enhancements

      • full-day Kindergarten

      • increased educational support spaces

      • science lab (CHS) upgrades

      • modernization of library/multimedia centers to support 21st Century STEM programs

      • technology upgrades

      • enhanced performing arts spaces

      • improved accessibility and options

      • installation of AC in gyms, cafeterias, and performing arts spaces

      • electrical service upgrades (all schools except for WAS which has already been upgraded)

      • door (interior) and window replacements, including hardware

      • repaving, masonry and concrete repairs 

    To this end, we enthusiastically invite you to review all related resources on the RESC website, including meeting agendas, presentation slides and other informational documents. Additionally, please utilize the RESC Community Input form to submit any comments, ideas and/or questions throughout the process. Always know that your input is valued and appreciated.  

    Thank you for your support. Together, we will continue to provide an outstanding educational experience for all Cranford students.


    The RESC members