Computer Science Outreach at Hillside and Orange Avenue Schools

A collaborative project focusing on computer science skills between the high school and middle school, organized by Mr. Bell, Mr. Brudnicki, and Mrs. Borselli.


On March 26, Mr. Bell’s senior District Interns visited Ms. Borselli’s class at HAS, sharing their experiences with Cranford High School’s Web Design and Computer Science programs and extracurriculars as well as overseeing their JuiceMind ping-pong launcher projects, which utilize Python. Girls Who Code helped them finish the project on April 12.

Girls Who Code (GWC), a club at CHS for girls and non-binary students interested in computer science, also regularly visited the middle schools to assist students as they completed these projects. 

Pictured above: Eypril Koglin from HAS.

Pictured above: Eypril Koglin from HAS won a vintage CHS^2 shirt for launching the ping pong ball into a target over 15 feet away.

The JuiceMind ping-pong launcher is the second joint project headed by Mr. Bell’s classes. On January 18, Girls Who Code and the District Interns introduced the JuiceMind Doorbell project to the HAS middle schoolers, which tasked them with coding a smart doorbell using Python that sends text messages to their phones when rung. Girls Who Code made a subsequent trip on January 26 to help finalize these projects.

Girls Who Code and CHS^2 also helped the middle schoolers at OAS complete the JuiceMind Doorbell project on January 17 and January 29. Our computer club, fondly named CHS^2 (Cranford High School Computer Honor Society) continues to work with the GWC on these outreach projects and has planned another meeting with each school before the end of the school year.