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Business Management & Information Systems

Supervisor K-12

The Business Management and Information Systems department provides students with a dynamic experience in the field of business and technology. It is the integration of technology and business that will provide students with the necessary skills to succeed in a rapidly changing world beyond their high school experience. It is highly recommended for incoming students to begin their studies with the course Introduction to Business. Microsoft Office, International Business, Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance and a series of accounting courses and marketing courses can follow this course. These courses are intended to expose students to real world situations while encouraging them to question and analyze their own knowledge base. Student learning is fostered through character education, cooperative learning, service learning, communication skills and preparation for the transition from school to career.
Students considering a major in business when they attend college should look into the course offerings of the department. As most college business programs require students to take at least one course in accounting and marketing, students can get an idea of what to expect by taking a high school course. It is also a good idea that all students take advantage of learning all that they can do with the computer in Microsoft Office 1 and 2.