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Curriculum is broadly defined as the totality of the student experience in school. View several interesting definitions of curriculum. The term most often references the planned sequence of instruction for a particular course. This typically includes the standards and objectives for the course, suggested instructional and assessment strategies, and the materials to be used. The state of New Jersey also requires technology integration, the inclusion of the Career Ready Practices, interdisciplinary connections, and suggested modifications for gifted, ELL, at-risk, and special education students. 
Cranford Public Schools uses the following curriculum template:
Cranford houses their curriculum in an online curriculum portal provided by Oncourse. This platform allows for a place where staff can collect and share curriculum-related resources and link them to units or standards. It provides a unit builder for curriculum developers to create and store curricululm and to invite faculty collaboration. Curriculum mapping empowers the district to create and analyze curriculum mpas to gather information about how standards are being covered across courses or groups of units. Standards alignment can be articulated acrosss units and grade levels. Instructional activity tracking provides teachers a way to identify elements use din daily lessons, such as assessment types, class groupings, and technologies, resulting in better engagement with the curriculum.