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Nurse's Corner

Nurse: Christine Ahern
Phone Number: 908-709-6305
The role of the Cranford High School Nurses is to provide health and nursing services for students in grades 9-12. The goal of the Health Office is to support the educational process by promoting optimum wellness, working closely with parents/guardians, teachers, and administrators, assessing and evaluating the health needs of students, and accommodating students with specific medical needs according to the guidelines of the National Association of School Nurses.

Ways in which nurses make important contributions to the school setting:

    • School nurses help reduce absenteeism through health promotion and disease prevention and management. They perform annual health screenings and follow-up with parents/guardians as needed. School nurses are an important liaison between schools, parents/guardians, physicians, and community agencies. 

    • School nurses support academic performance by helping students stay healthy and providing initial care for illness/injury. They may also provide medications and treatments following physician’s orders.

    • School nurses participate in the identification, referral, and health appraisal with the Child Study Team and 504 Team.

    • School nurses also help with staff wellness, manage the automatic defibrillator, and designate and train others in the administration of epinephrine and glucagon in the event the nurse is not present.

    • School nurses ensure compliance with state and federal guidelines including immunization requirements, maintenance of health records, and emergency preparedness.

Please feel free to contact the health office with any questions or concerns.

Stay Well,
Mrs. Ahern