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Elementary Arts

All elementary students receive general music classes. 

We are pleased to offer instrumental music lessons to all Cranford Public School students and the valuable educational experience that music-making provides. 


Research shows that students who play an instrument are more academically successful and playing in an ensemble promotes a variety of skills including collaboration, empathy, and creativity. 


2023-2024 Instrumental Music Registration


In Grade 3, students may begin playing a string instrument: the violin, viola, or cello. The half-hour lessons on these string instruments are free to all interested students and are held on a weekly basis as a pull-out from the classroom, during the school day. 


In Grade 4, band instruments are offered to students. All are welcome to play a string instrument in third grade, but if you think your child may prefer to play a band instrument, consider waiting until fourth grade to sign up for that. It takes time to build beginning skills on any instrument and we hope that your student will work hard and strive to play their instrument in our school bands and orchestras for years to come, all the way through Cranford High School. 

All elementary students receive general art classes. 

Students also have an opportunity to participate in art clubs.