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Teacher Nominations

Grade 2 ONLY:
The identification process will consist of scores attained on three assessments given to all second grade students: a universal screener, the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT), and Scales for Rating the Behavioral Characteristics or Superior Students (Renzulli Scales).
The CogAT is an online assessment that evaluates the level and pattern of cognitive development and problem-solving abilities using verbal, quantitative, and spatial (nonverbal) reasoning.
Grades 3-7:
Teachers are asked to review the following documents to assist in identifying students:
All grade 3-7 teachers are encouraged to submit the names of any students who exhibit characteristics of giftedness to Lisa Lesiak through the Google Form labeled, "Teacher Nominations for P2E." (This will be sent by central office to all Grade 3-7 teachers).
Please be sure to submit between February 27th - March 10th.
All teacher nominations are due by March 10, 2022. This is a firm deadline.
Once a nomination has been submitted through the Google Form, you can expect an email confirmation outlining further steps.