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Health & Physical Education

Director for Athletics/ Supervisor of Physical Education & Health K-12

Darren Torsone


Supervisor Introduction

 Health and Physical Education

Within the Health and Physical Education department, students will begin to prepare for a lifetime of fitness and wellness throughSports  various skill classes and classroom experiences.  Included in the classroom phase of a student’s experience will be Health and Wellness; Driver Education, Family Life Education and CPR Training (not all inclusive).  

In the skills classes all students will be tested for their fitness level, be involved in both team and individual sport while keeping in mind the importance of lifetime activity and fitness in order to enhance one’s health.  The Physical Education area has added such activities as pickle ball, badminton, step-aerobics, weight training and fitness activities. We will continue to add or delete activities based on what is occurring in today’s world.

The Department of Health and Physical Education assists students in meeting the State Core Curriculum standards while gaining the knowledge, skills, appreciation and confidence to lead physically active and healthy lives.