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Math - Summer Assignments

During the summer months it is important for students to continue practicing some of the fundamentals they have learned over the years.  This will help keep their minds ready to learn in the upcoming school year.  Here are some recommendations for what your child can work on.  Here is a short video outlining the options for students and how to login to their accounts.
  • For students entering grades 1-6 they can continue using My Path, available through their Ready Math account.  My Path is a personalized journey for the student based upon their diagnostic results in iReady.  The path will have students revisit content from previous grades that they may need to work on or it can challenge the student to learn past where they are. 
    • Students are able to login to the program using Clever, which is found in the waffle of their Cranford Google Account.
    • Please note that My Path will only be available until early to mid August, at which time the system will be undergoing maintenance to prepare for the 2024-25 school year.
  • Another item for students to practice is their Fact Fluency.  This can be done using a set of flashcards, or if you do not have flashcards you can have your child make their own.  Just a few minutes each day can help students recognize their facts, which will be important for the upcoming school year.  The chart below shows what students entering each grade level should practice.
Grade Student is Entering What to Practice
First Grade Add and Subtract within 5
Second Grade Add and Subtract within 10
Third Grade Add and Subtract within 20
Fourth Grade Multiply within 0 - 10
Fifth Grade and beyond Multiply and Divide within 0 - 12
  • Another resource for students to use for K-5 Fact Fluency practice is Splash Learn which can be found at https://www.splashlearn.com/math-skills/math-facts. Students can choose the operation, type of question, answer type, and timing. Another helpful resource is Khan Academy which offers practice for many math subtopics in addition to Fact Fluency. For grades 2-5, students can use Fluency Flight which can be found in their iReady account.
  • The packets listed below cover a variety of topics that students should be familiar with as they enter their respective grade. For grades 1-5, the packets are highly encouraged and provide supportive enrichment for students. For grades 6-8, students are expected to work on the packet for the grade they are entering and review their work using the answer keys. They will have the opportunity to review concepts with their teacher during the first two weeks of school. Fundamental concepts from the packet will be assessed during the second half of September.
The High School's Summer Assignments are located on the High School's site.