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Special Education

Director of Student Services

Kristin Szawan

[email protected] 


Secretary – Jane Whitelock
Phone 908-709-6217

Fax 908-931-1864


Special Education Grades Pre K-5 Supervisor

Robyn Park

[email protected]



Special Education Grades 6-12 Supervisor

JoAnn Sei

[email protected]

(908) 709-6274


Making a Referral to the Child Study Team

Referrals to the child study team are submitted to the Department of Student Services. A written letter with an original signature is required. Emailed/scanned referrals are not accepted per Cranford Board of Education Policy 2160 (Special Education). Please mail the letter to: 

Department of Student Services

132 Thomas St.

Cranford, NJ 07016



See this Special note regarding special education students who graduated prior to 2016.


Special Education

The Special Education department continues to expand its services to meet the needs of our students.  Classes with mainstreamed students are enhanced by the addition of in-class support provided by Special Education teachers teamed with regular education teachers.


The Special Education Program is designed to serve students with disabilities and provides a continuum of programs and services in the least restrictive environment as recommended in each student’s Individual Education Program.


Schedules for these students are developed to meet individual student needs, as prescribed in their Individual Education Program (IEP).  Students with disabilities may be served using an in-class support model for instruction.  These students are provided the assistance of an in-class support special education teacher, in cooperation with the general education teacher, in a specific course of study offered to all students.  Students with disabilities may also receive services in other appropriate programs and settings within the district.


The special needs student and parents work with the case manager and guidance counselor to develop the appropriate schedule of classes to meet the individual needs.