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    2020-2021 COURSE SELECTION FOR CLASSES OF 2021, 2022 AND 2022

    It’s time to start thinking about your courses for next year!

    ONLINE COURSE SELECTION IN POWERSCHOOL: February 10 – February 24, 2020



    • Class of 2021 scheduling: March 2 - March 6, 2020
    • Class of 2022 scheduling: March 9 – March 13, 2020
    • Class of 2023 scheduling: March 16 – March 20, 2020





    Do you still need to register for AP exams?  The late registration deadline is March 6.  Please go to https://aptsusa.com/cranford/ to register.  AP exams will be given May 4 through May 15.




    Mid-year transcripts will be automatically sent to all eDocs and Common App colleges and universities to which your child has applied.  These transcripts contain final course averages from 2017 through 2019  and a mid-year average (marking periods 1, 2 and mid-term exam) for each current full year course and a final average for all first semester courses.  A seventh semester GPA will also been updated to reflect these mid-year averages.  You can view the updated GPAs in Naviance in February.


    Students must submit an envelope and stamps addressed to each college or university that is not an eDocs/Common App member in order for a mid-year transcript to be sent.


    Please contact CHS School Counseling by Friday, January 24 at 3:00 pm at (908)709-6302/6303 if you do not wish for a mid-year transcript to be sent. 

    Junior parents/guardians - it's time to sign up for junior conferences!
    You are cordially invited to join your child and your child’s school counselor for a conference to discuss goals for life after high school. Depending on your child’s plans, topics may include: the college application process (e.g. transcript, standardized testing, college visits, the college list), career goals, or other post-secondary opportunities. We encourage you to take advantage and participate in junior conferences, even if you already feel comfortable with the admissions process.  As college admissions policies change every year, students face new challenges and opportunities.  We ask you to do the following:  
    Click on the Sign Up Genius link below to schedule a conference, choose an appointment time, enter your child’s name in the event title, then click SAVE.  Be mindful of your child’s course schedule when selecting  a time. Each meeting typically takes about one hour. Meetings will be scheduled from the beginning of January to the end of February, according to the counselor’s office hours between 7:45 am and 3:00 pm.  The links below can also be accessed on the CHS School Counseling website at www.cranfordschools.org/chscounseling.


    A - COA Ms. Fisk's Sign-Up Genius

    COB - G Ms. Asher's Sign-Up Genius

    H - LOR Ms. Haleva's (Ms. Boyll's temp leave school counselor) Sign-Up Genius

    LOS - OD Ms. Klemm's Sign-Up Genius

    OE - SP Mr. Corea's Sign-Up Genius

    SQ - Z Ms. Lenehan's Sign-Up Genius

    Please be aware of the following dates:


    • Prior to the scheduled junior conference, students should log in to Naviance at https://student.naviance.com/cranford and go to Colleges -> Colleges I’m Thinking About and enter a list of colleges or be prepared to discuss alternate post-secondary plans during the meeting. This list is simply a starting point and can be adjusted as often as necessary.
    • Beginning March 11, 2020: Students may begin to request teacher letters of recommendation.
    • Prior to May 1, 2020: Students and parents should log in to Naviance and click on the About Me tab -> My Stuff -> My Surveys, and students should complete the Student Brag Sheet and Resume and parents/guardians should complete the Parent/Guardian Brag Sheet. These forms will assist the counselor in writing a letter of recommendation. You have the ability to edit and add to your brag sheet after May 1.


    Review the Junior Conference Planning Packet prior to your meeting.  If we do not hear from you or you are unable to meet with the counselor by the end of February, your child will be scheduled to meet with his/her counselor.  We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will be able to join us.



    Need a peer tutor?  Please email: Cranfordhspeertutoring@gmail.com 

    Academic Supports @ CHS