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*Complete this only once for all transcripts to be sent to colleges/universities, scholarship committees, coaches.
*Please allow 10 school days for the CHS School Counseling Office to process all transcripts.
*If requesting transcripts for athletics, please let your school counselor know the names of the college coaches to where you'd like your transcript(s) sent.
Plan ahead and watch deadlines!
  • Sending a transcript to a college or university?  Follow the steps below:
  • Are you applying for a scholarship or special program that requires a transcript?
Fill out this CHS SCHOLARSHIPS MATERIALS REQUEST FORM. This must be done 10 school days prior to the application deadline.
Mid-year transcripts and final transcripts are sent automatically through Naviance to all colleges and universities who are eDocs members.
Students must submit an email for each school that is a non-eDocs member in order for CHS School Counseling to send a mid-year transcript and final transcript.
All transcript requests will be processed through email. Contact Ms. Sellinger via email [email protected] or at (908) 709-6302 if you have any questions.
Click on the link below to complete the transcript request form for former graduates and transfer students.  Be sure to include both the email address & mailing address to where the transcript should be sent. (Transcripts are processed via email unless otherwise directed.) Please return the completed form & a copy of your photo ID to Ms. Sellinger, [email protected]
Note: Official transcripts cannot be sent directly to former graduates or their family members. Diplomas are a one-time distribution at graduation, therefore, we are unable to provide copies of diplomas.